After Alocer

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Type: supernatural apocalyptic urban fantasy
Last-Update: 2010Apr17
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, modern, rpg


In the year 2020 the world changed. It was not one of those foretold prophecies that had existed for thousands of years. It just happened. A group of Warlocks known as the Aloceri, followers of the demon Alocer, chose to open a portal to Alocer's realm. By doing so, the world was plunged into darkness, the sun blocked out by demonic magic. Unsurprisingly this caused world spread panic, with humans resulting to all forms of weaponry and science to find a solution to the mystery.

What these humans did not know was that they were well out of their depth. It was the darkest form of magic that had caused the sun to be blocked out, and nothing in their power would get the sun back. The Consilium, the governing council of the supernatural world, met to discuss the problem. After expending all other resources, they settled for a radical idea by their youngest member, Richard Krause. This idea went against everything the Consilium stood for, yet it seemed to be the only salvation for the entire earth.

They did the one thing that they had worked against for centuries; ambassadors in each country revealed themselves to the human government. From that moment on life changed for all species on earth. The humans were no longer ignorant in believing that they were the only species, and the supernaturals no longer needed to hide their true nature.

The two different governments came to a truce, with compromises and policies devised on both sides. Then together they worked to stop the Aloceri from opening the portal to the demon realm any further. They succeeded in closing the portal, but the damage was already done. Demons had escaped from their realm to inhabit the earth, some seeking chaos and destruction, while others went into hiding. Many parts of the world was destroyed, and the sun remain blocked by magic. Every attempt to uncover the sun failed, leaving the humans to learn to live without it for the first time.

It has been a difficult five years, although some form of normality has settled in to every day life. Many of the demons that caused trouble in the early days were caught and sent back to their realm. Recently the demons that had hidden have approached the Consilium with the wish to join them and remain on earth peacefully.


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