Star Trek: Outpost Gamma

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Roughly once a week
Type: Star Trek Message Board Sim
Last-Update: 2010Apr13
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg


It was once said: Wars were supposed to end in peace, but wars had really ended. They'd stopped, been interrupted, no more than that. Peace had been nothing more than an intermission, time to bury the dead and train the next class of fighters.

With the dominion war just recently ended, and the cost to the federation great in both personal, and ships, it is time to rebuild. Unfortunately, during the war, large stock piles of minerals were depleted, and planets which contained them contact has been lost, or are struggling to keep up with the demand.

Fortunately, a planet, located in a region of space mostly uncharted was discovered, which contained large amounts of Tritanium and Dilithium, as well as other valuable minerals. On top of the mineral value of the planet, it is also habitable, and no known population is believed to be on the planet, making it very interesting to the federation. Other planets in the system are also believed to contain large mineral deposits as well, just not as habitable.

However, many of the other powers are in need of the same resources. The Klingons, Romulans and Cardassians are all trying to rebuild as well, and a planet like this would be useful. Other races could also have a use for them.

To stake a claim, and secure them before anyone else has a chance to, a small Marine, and Engineering team has been assigned to deploy on the planet, securing both a spot for a future colony, and begin to secure locations for mines.

Well, that is the basic outline so far for the sim. The first major difference, the sim takes place planet side, to start at least. As the sim progresses, there may be the opportunity to allow for some off world based missions as well.

The second major difference, the sim will be largely militaristic. However, this does not mean that every role will be soldier. Engineers will be needed to set up, and maintain the base and mines. Scientist will be needed to determine more about the planet.

The third difference is a dynamic enemy. For the most part, the enemy will be the same for every mission. Some missions will not involve it, some will have a different villain. However most will be the same. Due to this, the villain will be a playable character.

Roster break down (note, due to it being based around the marines, the playable characters will be platoon leaders. Each platoon will have its own specialty. The grunts will just be NPC as made by the character (don't expect full bios for them, just a name)) Recon heavy weapons assault sniper a couple of engineer/science/medic posts villain

Further expansion: Diplomat Fighter pilot(s) Special operations

Well that is mostly all I have as of right now.Any feedback is welcome.

Note: This sim has not been approved by the SLA. After receiving requests for crew, and receive a general interest, a formal request will be submitted.


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