Adventures in Hron

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High Adventure in the fictional continent of Hron - sort of a cheap knockoff of Middle Earth. Three possible story lines so far. Mostly basic D&D, quest/delving type play.

One possible story line.

It is festival/festivus time in the City of Berloff. The three day celebration known as The Bright Festival, to commemorate the lawful people's victory over the chaotic hordes from the Land of Skorch. That victory was about 50 years ago. Though petty wars and acts of violence will never be gone from the world, the hordes of Yarmok The Searcher have remained relatively quiet, beyond the Tharn River.

Still, many seek adventure in strange places. And, it is said that Oglin Aronwy, Oglin the Annoying - said by some, the legendary gnome wizard is somewhere near Berloff for Bright Festival. Yes, The Oglin Arwonwy, the master of miniaturization (shrinking) with his chunks of rock said to contain miniature tunnel complexes. Many have undergone the process of shrinking to enter the gnome's tiny dungeons. Tiny though they are, it is said that only about half of those who enter these strange and challenging mazes return. Some of those that return, return with gold, gems and items of great wonder. Some return with nothing but their lives.

Somewhere in the maze of brightly colored tents, carts, wagons, horses, oxen, musicians, guards, dancing girls, strong men, mimes, food vendors, exotic animals (dangerous and benign), carnival games (crooked and legitimate) lies Oglin Aronwy's tent.


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