USS Columbia

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Type: Strek Trek SMS Sim
Last-Update: 2010Apr09
Keywords: free, open-ended, startrek, rpg, human, www


The USS Columbia, a Galaxy Class SMS simm in Task Force 47 is halfway through it's journey to the Gavarian Frontier. The crews spirits are high, the promise of untouched space exciting many. 44 days of high warp has taken it tole on the ship and the Columbia must stop for 5 hours and complete minor repairs. However not all it calm. A cloaked Romulan Warbird has trailed the ship though it journey and now a horrific murder has taken place with an ominous note written in blood that promises more carnage to come. With Cardassians to the left and Roumlans to left the crew has no choice but to forge on and capture this serial killer before terror and paranoia overcome the crew.

The Columbia is looking for dedicated people to fill the following positions:

* Chief Flight Control Officer * Chief Security/Tactical Officer * Chief Operations Officer * Chief Medical Officer * Chief Counselor * Chief Intelligence Officer * Chief Diplomatic Officer

For more information or to join head to


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