Against All Enemies

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Type: Action/War
Last-Update: 2010Apr04
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In 2010, its brother against brother, citizen against citizen, soldier against soldier--in a war for the soul of America in this role-playing game based on the "Militia vs. USA" novels by Ian Slater and the novel "Against All Enemies" by Harold Coyle,

All across the nation, well-equipped militias are training for war.

They know the hated Federals will be attacking, hell-bent on taking away their guns and their freedom. On the other side, the government knows the militias will be ready to fight to the death for their independence, their land, and their family values. At the next Ruby Ridge, both sides are bringing an army.

After years of being dormant, the militia movement resurfaces with a series of terrifying events that lead to deadly clashes between the militias and law enforcement that end with many Federal, state, and local law enforcement officers losing their lives to the militias. Seeing that law enforcement is unable to stop the militias, the President of the United States is forced to used the Armed Forces of the United States against the militias, and reinstates cancelled high-tech weapons programs. When war breaks out, B-52s bomb militia positions across America. Militia and government forces square off in a massive tank and infantry battles across the United States. Off both coasts of the United States, on America's rivers, and in the Great Lakes, the US Navy battles the Militia Navy. In the air, the US Air Force engages the air forces of the militias in deadly air battles for control of the skies above America. The militias sabotage important targets. The militias attack and occupy cities and towns across America, and take civilians prisoner. Civilians are put in militia reeducation camps where they are brainwashed, forced into slave labor, inducted into the militias, or are executed.

Behind the lines, resistance organizations form and battle the militias. Civilians risk their lives battling to free their communities from their militia occupiers.

But the war is controversial. Political roles shift as Conservatives support the militias and oppose the war while the Liberals support it. Conservative groups protest the war, saying that the use of the Armed Forces against Americans is wrong and that Americans are being massacred by their own troops. Conservative talk radio hosts cry out against the war, and Conservative opposition increases and Conservative groups began calling for an end to hositilities and for peace negotiations to begin. Notable Conservative leaders begin undertaking peace missions to militia leaders, hoping to end the fighting.

But the President has the support of the American people and he vows the war will continue until the militias are destroyed. And the Conservatives vow to do all they can to bring the war to an end.

"Against All Enemies" is the terrifying story of a war that is being fought against a diabolical, dangerous, and terrifying enemy with a sinister agenda which that enemy will accomplish by any means possible: the complete and utter destruction of the United States, and the establishment of a totalitarian society where innocent men, woman, and children live under the iron fist of homegrown warlords who rule through terror and oppression, where slavery and involuntary servitude once again return to American soil, where freedom and the rule of law don't exist, where the Constitution and the Stars and Stripes are a memory, where civilization is replaced by barbarism, and where technology is nonexistent.

The militias must be stopped! Join the fight! This is a role-playing game with a fictional story.

The following positions are available:

1. US Army Character 2. US Navy Character 3. US Air Force Character 4. US Marine Corps Character 5. President of the United States 6. Vice President of the United States 7. Secretary of State 8. Secretary of Defense 9. Secretary of Homeland Security 10. Attorney General of the United States 11. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 12. Director of the FBI 13. Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms 14. Director of National Intelligence 15. Civilian Police Officer 16. FBI Character 17. ATF Character 18. State Government Character 19. Resistance Fighter 20. Congressmen or Senator 21. Conservative Leader 22. Conservative Talk Shoe Host 23. Conserbative Peace Activist 24. Conservative Peace Envoy 25. Civilian Character 26. Militia Leader 27. Militia Commander 28. Militia Soldier 29. Militia Sailor 30. Militia Fighter Pilot 31. Militia Commando 32. Militia Military Governor 33. Militia Diplomat

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