Keystone Fleet

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Costs: No cost
Frequency: Min of one per week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: scifi
Last-Update: 2010Mar18
Keywords: free, free-moderation, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg


The year is 2410. The Romulan Star Empire still lies in ruins, unable to solidify under a single banner, twenty-three years after the destruction of their home world. Some Romulans sought peace and fled their shattered empire for the Federation, but others joined war bands and try daily to reclaim the grandeur of their lost civilization. The Klingon Empire grows more daring every day, and has been raiding outposts and capturing colonies in, what was, Romulan territory. The Klingons claim they are only taking back what was stolen from them in the past, but aggression mounts along the federation and Klingon borders, leaving Federation politicians fearing a total collapse of , what has been at best, a strained peace with the Klingons. The Dominion has remained quiet, and many at Starfleet fear they are building a new fleet to continue their campaign of domination over the alpha and beta quadrants. Tensions are running high throughout the Federation, shifting the once exploration mandated Starfleet to a more military minded force. Recent space frame designs have shown an increase in armament and extended operational period modifications.

Our initial mandate has not been totally forsaken, however. With the restriction of the once powerful Romulan Star Empire now eased, the Federation has begun an exploratory endeavor into the far reaches of the beta quadrant, beyond what was once Romulan space. New adventures, new friends, and new adversaries wait for discovery by Starfleet's newly reassigned First Fleet. They are the Keystone on which the building of a new era of exploration and the survival of the Federation itself hinges. Join us as we defend the Federation against enemies known, and unknown, and forge ahead into an uncertain future.


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