USS Eclipse

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Every member of Starfleet no matter rank or position understands that they must stick together with those they serve with. Every command is a small family, that need to forge together to accomplish a single objective.

The USS Eclipse has a very special objective, protecting our Brothers and Sisters. Based in the Gavarian Corridor the USS Eclipse, an Ares Classed vessel is responsible for insuring the safe passage of Federation Ships civilian or Starfleet between Federation Space and our interests on the frontier.

Being assigned as Task Force 47's rapid response vessel the ship responds to all requests for assistance by friendly or neutral parties. The Eclipse is responsible for Border Patrol, Law Enforcement Boarding Operations, Safety Inspections, Tactical Backup, as well as other Medical or Emergent situations.

The USS Eclipse is about to be commissioned before proceeding toward Kepler Station to begin operations. Are you ready for the responsibility of keeping your family members safe?

Top Open Positions

Commanding Officer 3rd Marine Security Detachment Chief Medical Officer Chief Operations Officer Chief Engineering Officer Deputy in Charge Federation Marshal Service

For more information regarding any positions or the Federation Marshal Services please view the USS Eclipse website and it's database.


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