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Costs: free
Frequency: every few days, varies
Type: sci-fi, survival, space, realistic-ish, gurps
Last-Update: 2010Feb27
Keywords: free-moderation, email, www, human, space, wargame, economic, rpg, open-ended


This scenario takes place in the relatively near future, no more than about 25 years from now. Scientists have recorded a steady increase in solar brightness over a period of several years. Observations have also revealed a significant drop in the amount of hydrogen present in the outer layers of the sun. Within 50 years, the Earth will be uninhabitable if the brightness continues to increase. More disturbing is that this increase in brightness and drop in hydrogen signals an early start to the sun's transition into a red giant. While some effort is being made to understand and potentially slow or stop the process that is causing the sun to age prematurely, most of the worldwide effort is going in to preserving at least some of the human race. With the distinct possibility that Mars and the outer planets may be lost as the sun loses a significant portion of it's mass during the swelling, efforts to preserve the human race are focused outwards. In very rapid succession a number of theoretical technologies are validated and a series of ships are rushed into production and launched as quickly as possible.

Your group is comprised of members of the crew and colonists aboard the ship. The action begins with your group waking from some sort of cryogenic stasis as the ship enters the outer reaches of the destination system. The long term goal is to ensure the survival of the human race through your efforts to colonize the world you find yourself in. Specifically, a self-sustaining colony with at least 500 colonists would be considered a success. With a few necessary exceptions in terms of propulsion and cryogenic stasis to get your crew from Earth to another star system, the scenario begins with essentially modern day levels of technology. Initially at least, this is more of a survival scenario than a sci-fi scenario, however I believe the balance will shift over time. I also expect this to be heavy on planning. In fact, one of the first activities other than character creation will likely be determining how to allocate the cargo space aboard your ship prior to launch.


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