Labyrinth II: Dreamscape

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Type: Fantasy
Last-Update: 2010Jan27
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


Journey back to the land where the adventure began......

To a world where everything seems possible and nothing is what it seems.....

To a world inhabited by Goblins......

Journey back to the world of the Labyrinth.........

In the movie "Labyrinth", Sarah, a fourteen-year-old girl with an active imagination, journeyed to the land of the Goblins to rescue her baby stepbrother who had been kidnapped by the evil Goblin King. While there, Sarah was forced to negotiate a treacharous labyrinth filled with deception and unseen dangers. Along the way, she made some new friends who would always be with her. Sarah returned a new person. She discovered that she loved her baby stepbrother and her family. Sarah also grew up. But she never forgot her experience in the mythical world of the Labyrinth.........

It has been a year since the night that Sarah made her journey through the Labyrinth. She is now in high school, is a popular athlete, and has a boyfriend. She is also a big sister to her baby stepbrother. Sarah is growing up and leaving the world of fairy tales behind. But her life is about to take a tragic turn, and Sarah will need her dreams more than ever as she struggles against impossible odds to live.......

Sarah wakes up one morning to a very high fever. Thinking that she might have the flu, her parents let her stay home from school. Over time, though, the symptoms get worse and Sarah's parents rush her to the hospital. The doctors examine Sarah but are unable to tell what's wrong with her. Things take a turn for the worse one night when Sarah goes into a coma. The doctors come to a conclusion. Sarah has a mysterious illness, and they tell her parents that she could die if they don't find out what it is and soon.

While she is in a coma, a mysterious stranger from the Goblin Kingdom known only as the Minstrel appears and takes Sarah back to the Goblin Kingdom with him. When Sarah arrives, she discovers that the Goblin Kingdom has been conquered by an evil sorceress and that she has imprisoned the Goblin King and enslaved the Goblins. The Minstrel informs Sarah that only she has the power to save the Goblin Kingdom. Teaming up with her old friends and a few new characters, Sarah sets out to save the Goblin Kingdom from the evil sorceress.

Along the way, she learns that the only way she can save the Goblins is to enlist the help of the Goblin King himself. But will he help Sarah? Can Sarah trust him? Will she betray her friends if she enlists the Goblin King's help? As Sarah and her friends battle the evil sorceress, Sarah learns that there is a link between what's happening to the Goblin Kingdom and her mysterious illness. She also learns that there is much more to the Goblin King other than his cold exterior, and she learns the real reasons why her brother was kidnapped. Sarah also learns that her destiny lies not in the real world, but in the mythical world of the Goblins. She is to become the ruler of the Goblin Kingdom She also learns that if she does return to the real world, she will die. Now Sarah and her friends must struggle against impossible odds and battle a sorceress whose magic equals that of the great god Zeus in Greek mythology in order to restore freedom to the Goblins. And Sarah must find a way to bridge reality and myth to say goodbye to those she loves.

Picking up where the movie left off, "Labyrinth II: Dreamscape" continues the epic story of a young girl and the mythical world of the Labyrinth. Featuring all-new characters created by simmers and not seen in the movie, "Labyrinth II: Dreamscape" brings reality and myth together in one fantastic adventure of friendship and discovery. It is a journey into the heart of imagination. And, "Labyrinth" and this sequel are a reminder to us all that no matter who we are and what age we are, our dreams are always there and that we must always cherish them. Our dreams are not just what we think up in our imaginations. They're a part of who we are. Most of all, "Labyrinth" shows us that we can all have a place to which we can escape from the problems that exist in the world today. Whether that place is Somewhere Over The Rainbow or in the fairy tales that we love, we can close our eyes and go to that place when we need to.

Join Sarah on her second journey through the Labyrinth as she battles to save a world that she loves. You can play all characters in this thing or brand-new characters. If you're playing a new character, I'll need character profiles. We can do this through PBEM or over ICQ or whatever chat rooms you all may want to use. Send me an email at you want to do this.

"Labyrinth II" is dedicated to the memory of Jim Henson, the genius of George Lucas, and all those who put "Labyrinth" together. Mostly though, it is dedicated to the beautiful and talented actress who was the true star of the film, Jennifer Connelly. Whoever plays Sarah should play her the way Jennifer Connolly did.


1. Post at least once a week unless you have a good reason

2. Be courteous. No rude behavior such as insulting another writer will be permitted. No name-calling allowed.

3. Profanity is absolutely forbidden. This is a family RPG and anybody caught using profanity, either in posts or regular communications, will be shown the door. No exceptions!

4. Any portrayal of violence except for Bugs Bunny-style, Muppet-style, slapstick, or other kinds of comic violence is prohibited. Portrayals of magic are just fine just don't make them TOO dark.

5. No sex is allowed.

6. Movie characters must be portrayed the same way they were portrayed in the movie. For example, Sarah must be played the way Jennifer Connelly played her.

7. If you create your own characters, they must be ORIGINAL and be in the spirit of the movie. No ripping off movies like "The Wizard Of Oz."

Available Characters

All movie characters are available and the evil sorceress is available. Submit original characters by writing your character's name and a description of his/her appearance and personality.


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