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Type: Superhero/Action-Adventure
Last-Update: 2010Jan25
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, space, modern, rpg


The 1970s and early 1980s. Pamela Dayton was a Hollywood superstar with a great television and film career. Then for some reason that only she knew, she left Hollywood for a reclusive life in the high mountains of Montana, never to set foot on a TV or film set again.

Today. Now approaching sixty, Pamela Dayton is the owner of an old theater in a small Montana town and has two sons and five grandchildren. Surprisingly, she is still a beautiful lady and an incredible athlete. But Pamela's life takes a terrible turn when she is injured in a skydiving accident and paralyzed.

Pamela is confined to a wheelchair, and soon develops a fatal illness. Desperate to save their mother, Pamela's sons rush her to two scientists in Los Angeles, California who have discovered a new form of DNA. Dubbed "The Imhotep Strain", the DNA gives whoever possesses it the power to heal.

The scientists prepare to inject Pamela with the Strain to heal her, but during the procedure Croatian terrorists from a Croatian terrorist organization active in the United States since the 1970s attack the lab. During the attack, one of the scientists' machines explodes, releasing The Imhotep Strain into the air. Pamela receives an accidental overdose of the Strain, which, like Dr. Seth Brundel in the movie "The Fly", transforms Pamela.

Due to the overdose, The Imhotep Strain alters Pamela's DNA, physiological, biological, and genetic makeup. Pamela's body regenerates as the Strain completely destroys her aging process. When the process is done and the changes caused by the Strain are complete, Pamela has been transformed from a woman in late middle-age to an immortal, beautiful, super-gorgeous, modelesque woman with the appearance of a young women between the ages of 18 and 29. And what's more strange and amazing, Pamela has regained the appearance she had as a young woman.

Pamela is immortal. She can't age, she can't get injured, she can't get sick, and she can't die.

In addition to immortality, Pamela has gained extraordinary powers. She has gained superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman agility, telescopic vision, X-Ray vision, infrared vision, superhuman hearing, superhuman smell, incredible Olympic-style athletic abilities, telekinetic powers, pyrokinetic powers (the ability to start fires), the ability to communicate with animals, the ability to transform her left arm into a weapon or needed tool, time travel abilities, the ability to control the weather, fire, and water, psychic abilities, Bewitched-style witchcraft, and other amazing abilities such as the ability to duplicate herself so she can do many things at once, but this only works when she's in her Pamela Dayton identity.

Pamela doesn't want to be immortal and have the powers at first, and gets the scientists to find a way to reverse the process. But what happened to Pamela is irreversible, and she decides that she has to live life as a "grandmother who looks 24 years old".

But Pamela changes her mind when her mother, some old friends from one of her TV shows convince her to use her powers to fight evil and help others. Pamela learns to use the powers and her old friends take a white, V-necked dress that Pamela wore on their show and turn it into a costume.

Pamela dons the costume and becomes the immortal, powerful superheroine Supernatural. She stays in L.A. and becomes an actress again, working both in movies and on television and a private detective, working at Area 51 Investigations, an L.A. private investigative firm that is run by her old friends. She finds she misses acting and playing all sorts of characters.

And its a good thing all this has happened. The Croatian terrorists are on the loose in Los Angeles, as are many mutant and supernatural villains. Supernatural is joined in her fight against the Croatian terrorists and the mutant supernatural villains by some unusual allies, all of them superheroes or reluctant superheroes who gained their powers by accident. At Area 51, she works with many unusual operatives.


1. Area 51 Operative 2. Ally of Supernatural 3. Croatian Terrorist 4. Mutant Villain 5. Supernatural Villain

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