Beat to Quarters

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Costs: 0
Frequency: varies by player
Type: Age of Sail
Last-Update: 2009Nov27
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, historical, rpg


Beat to Quarters is a historical, circa 1740, nautical role-play set in the West Indies. It's the Age of Sail and piracy. Will you fight for King and Country, and uphold the law here at the edge of colonial civilization? Or will you pillage and plunder to your black heart's content? The wind's a-blowin' and the sea awaits...

We have a multitude of character opportunities, adventure, and plot. We're an intermediate-level board that places quality over quantity, where frills and decor are purely optional. We love good story telling and well-conceived character development. Have a look, maybe you'll want to join us.


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