WW2 - The Big One

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Costs: free
Frequency: 48-96 hrs
Email: ww2bigone@gmail.com
URL: http://ww2thebigone.webs.com [ dead link ]
Type: FREE World War Two in detail
Last-Update: 2009Nov21
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, historical, wargame, rpg


Teams of players take on roles in Strategic, Operational, and Tactical levels. The action is all at Tactical level. The war is recreated in great detail with production, research, espionage, army, naval, air units, supply rules, and global possibilites.

Eight powers exist to start the war: Germany, Italy, Japan, vs England, Commonwealth, France. The USA and Russia are neutral to start. Each is represented by a leader(player) who makes the grand decisions. His desires are translated into mission orders by his Operational Commanders. There would typically be an army, navy, and air commander for each Front.

The missions are carried out by other players in the Tactical level. NO dice are used anywhere in the game. The decisions and set-up of forces, plus the weather, time of day, and terrain dictate the outcomes.

This is an email game with lots of messages between players. There is no end-game condition. Players can assume multiple roles.


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