Dark corners of the mind

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Costs: Free
Frequency: two or three posts per week
Email: prince_orcus@hotmail.com
Type: 1920's Call of Cthulhu Horror
Last-Update: 2009Nov07
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, mixed, historical, rpg


You slept badly last night, the warm summer night was stifling, and your restless sleep was broken by the sound of tomcats fighting in the street outside. Gradually you drifted off back to sleep, but your dreams were dark and grim, strange shapes, hiding in the shadows, malformed birds flying through the night sky, their calls echoing on the wind.

You woke the following morning feeling fatigued, it was early and the mailman was just dropping off your mail. One envelope in particular caught your eye, you recognised the handwriting. An old school friend that you had not seen for many years, up until a couple of years ago when you bumped into him in Boston. You rekindled your friendship, then a year ago his wife died in a tragic car crash. After her funeral, he began to correspond with you on a weekly basis, this weeks letter seemed lighter than usual.

A back story can be beneficial, though it is not compulsory, some people like writing them, others don't it's up to each individual player. I am currently looking for between 4 and 6 players to make a balanced group, this little adventure will be only the start. The game is set in the roaring 20's, starting in the summer of 1922 in and around Arkham. This is my preferred period for the game, I have run modern day Cthulhu adventures but they always seemed less satisfying.

I would recommend that you create two characters as a minimum, they can be friends, relatives or complete strangers to each other. This will facilitate a more continuous story flow, should any character be wounded and in need of hospitilisation, or lapses of temporary or low sanity. The game mechanics are run and all rolls are rolled by me.

Player - player abuse/harassment will not be tolerated unless it's in character and RP based, out of character squabbling is ridiculous, it's a game..

Rules are Cthulhu version 5-5.5 as those are the ones I own.

Character sheets will be processed by Byakhee and maintained by myself I'll e-mail the files out to the relevant persons if required.

The game pace will be a couple of posts per week, unless all the players agree to, or want a higher posting rate, I work and do this in some of my free time.

Like Great Cthulhu, player survival is not high on my list of priorities, if you screw up you may well die. While the idea is to have fun, the game by design is brutal and sometimes high mortality rates ensue. Just pray for a good Luck roll, it can make the difference you know.


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