Star Wars: Knights of Coruscant

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Frequency: Often as possible
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Type: Star Wars
Last-Update: 2009Nov06
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A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

The Galaxy is amidst a civil war. The Separatist Army continues to advance, as the leaders of the Republic fight amongst them selves. It falls to the Jedi Knights and a Clone army to protect the ideals of a now dying civilization. And even then the Jedi are only a shadow of what they had once been.

Now, a handful of beings finding fault with the galaxy at large, find themselves drawn together in the seedy Coruscant undercity. They are a crude band of misfits ranging from disenchanted Jedi to mercenaries. To survive they take odd jobs that others would consider too dangerous or too unimportant. They are loyal to themselves, each other, and the almighty credit...but not neccessarily in that order.

The call themselves simply "The Knights of Coruscant"

Please note, we will not accept any canon characters. We might run into a few of them, but they will not be player characters. This game takes place during the Clone Wars, and permitting right up to Order 66 and beyond. Any type of character is welcome from force users, soldiers, smugglers, mercenaries, etc. (and of course god characters will be discarded immediatly.)


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