Fading Sun - A Firefly PBEM

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Email: 7thPawn@gmail.com
Frequency: two or three per week
URL: http://fading-sun.tripod.com [ dead link ]
Type: Sci-Fi story
Last-Update: 2009Nov06
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


He decided to head to the mule to figure this out, in the mule he had left his pair of old spotter's glasses - otherwise known as binoculars by most. As he reached the mule he could hear in the background the profound voice of Mr. "not so" Lightener.

"Your paranoid ramblings are not amusing." Lightener said darkly as the Captain threw open the front doors of the complex and looked out the front trying to get his eyes to adjust to the difference in lighting. The Captain's eyes were still trying to adjust to the difference when he saw a glint above and slightly to the right.

From Behind Ives spoke, "It isn't Paranoia. It's our job to get you out of here alive."

Ives wanted out and he wanted out quickly, so he followed close on the Captains heels. It probably wasn't reassuring that there didn't seem to be anyone following close behind.

Joseph decided to pick up Isabelle's assault rifle at this point and didn't care who saw it at this point. The vibes were strange and - crap! He forgot! His wide grey eyes darted to the windows. GONE! They were both gone! He turned to yell out a warning but exploding building parts seemed to have a tendency to make it so people couldn't hear you.


Welcome to Fading Sun, a PBEM set within the Firefly universe shortly after the end of the movie. We are a story oriented group focused on telling our own story within this rich and wonderful setting. There are random elements hidden behind the scenes, but that should not stop anyone from being able to write and have fun.

We recently lost a few people in the wake of the end of our introductory mission, and wanted to grab some more crew members for the exciting story arc that is planned for our ship and crew. Aside from maybe a mechanic, everything else in pretty much open for play, from taking on one of the NPCs kicking around, or even designing your own character to join our crew.

The Fading Sun is a salvage ship and the crew maintains a security charter to be able to do some pretty fun stuff legitimately. So if you would like the chance to see the verse on a cool ship, and with a neat crew, then the Fading Sun is for you. Please visit the website for further information, and contact me to get the ball rolling. See you out in the black.


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