Mythic Football League

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Costs: Free (dues for prizes in the future)
Frequency: One Per Week
Type: Fictional Sports
Last-Update: 2009Oct15
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You are a fortunate mortal, given the chance to manage a team of mythological heroes and villains as they battle for yards on the endless fields of Elysium!

MFL Managers customize their players using a role-playing idea of distributing skill points to the seven basic skills: blocking, rushing, passing, receiving, pass rush, run stop, and coverage.

Each week, managers choose which style of play they wish to run for the games. These styles are referred to as Playbooks. There are four Offensive playbooks: Air it Out, Smash, Balanced, and No Huddle; and there are four Defensive playbooks: Shutdown, Brick Wall, Balanced, and Blitz. Playbooks affect how a player's skill is used during a game.

Games run the standard 4 Quarters, but teams have only 1 possession per half. There is a coin toss and toss election to determine order of play. The games are played at Elysium: endless fields without endzones. Points are scored by gaining yards, injuring opponents, and when an opponent commits penalties.

The MFL is computer-moderated. The commissioner runs a custom program written for the game, records the results, and e-mails all league managers. Every week, game results and player statistics are sent out. Up to 20 statistics are tracked for all 10 players on a team. Players gain Experience Points and increase Levels (like a fantasy RPG); training camps can be run each week to improve team skills.

Seasons comprise of 2 pre-season games, 12 regular games, the Ragnarok (playoffs), Clash of the Titans (championship), and the Olympic Bowl (all-stars).

2009 Season ---There are currently 6 Franchises in the MFL. Five teams have been claimed and one remains open (inactive manager disqualified). The regular season is about to begin, so a new manager will have some catching up to do (at least for this season). Because the commissioner controls 1 team and 1 team is not managed, a new manager may pick from one of two teams:

...Grimfang (fortress of pain): the tortured realm of orcs and goblins, home to villains such as Gruumsh and Grakkul. ...Midgard (realm of mortal legends): the mortal world, guardians of legend, home to heroes such as King Arthur and Achilles.

APPLICANTS: please send your name, e-mail, desired team, and experience with role-playing games and other games. Being a football fan would certainly help--all of the current players watch football or play fantasy football.

One applicant will be selected for the open Franchise; if you are interested in playing the next season, please indicate that in your message. There are plans to expand the league to 8 teams next season. Also, we are discussing implementing a league fee to provide a cash prize to the champion.


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