Merchant Raider 4.3

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Costs: free
Email: [ok]
Frequency: one per week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: feudal empires at sea
Last-Update: 2009Oct11
Keywords: free, closed-ended, www, computer, modern, wargame, economic


Players build SHIPS from MODULES produced at ISLANDS. Ships are armed (with GUNS, TORPEDOES and MARINES for boarding) so as to control islands and monopolise resources.

This game has evolved over several years. The latest addition is FEDUALISM, which determines alliances and privieges. Each player may choose an overlord, which he may change at the end of any turn (the possibilities for TREACHERY are obvious). He is thereby allied to his overlord, his own vassals, and his overlord's other vassals, and his ships may mingle freely with theirs. In this way the game has ENFORCED alliances, so diplomacy is important.

Will hardened gamers ever submit to be vassals of other players, or would they rather be anihilated? Time will tell!


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