Hypereconomic Diplomacy

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Costs: $0
Email: zanmor@hediplomacy.com
Frequency: probably weekly or bi-wwekly, not totally sure yet
URL: http://www.hediplomacy.com [ dead link ]
Type: world simulation/war game
Last-Update: 2009Sep18
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, historical, wargame, economic


Hypereconomic Diplomacy was first conceived sometime back in the 1970s. I've heard about the game and after Googling it then Googling a series of names that showed up I found the Facebook of a man who once ran (or tried to run) the game. He's sent me the rules and maps and tables, which are being made available on the website.

You must surely know what the board game Diplomacy is. Players enter orders simultaneously, trying to control a majority of supply centers on a map of Europe. This expands that simple and enjoyable concept to something dangerously complex yet engrossing. Hyperec spans the entire globe and has rather complex economic as well as more developed military aspects. Some 50 players are required to play, representing all the nations of the 1914 world. Where the game does not depart from original Diplomacy is in the aspect of negotiating with the other players. It will still be just as essential and with the increase in economy which allows trading of valuable resources, the role and value of negotiations has increased dramatically.

There are a few, limited random events, but most events in the game are virtually entirely in control of the players. Random events most notably effect the abstract 'world market' which only governs yields on bank investments. And those aren't really the focus of this thing anyway.

Negotiations will take place via email though if players wish to make their phone numbers or addresses available for communication that is up to them. When and if a game gets underway the website will be used to show turn resolution and there will likely be forums up to act as a sort of public shout box. I feel it helpful if players embrace the idea of not just playing a game but being the leader of a nation. Indeed, with something like this their is likely to be an aspect or two they don't really enjoy but which they need to understand to really get the most from their experience.

Our motto is: World Leaders Needed!

Hope this is enough, feel free to contact me for whatever reason, either at the site address of zanmor@hediplomacy.com or my personal address of zanmor@hotmail.com


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