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Costs: free to start, maybe $5 a week later depending on interest
Frequency: 1/day on weekdays, plus combat on weekends TBA
Email: void.totallyrandom@googlemail.com
URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL5QD_M5vtI
Type: Epic Cyberpunk Role Playing Game
Last-Update: 2009Sep16
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, human, space, rpg



Void is an epic cyberpunk adventure set in a distant galaxy.

The players belong to a band of freedom fighters called Terra who are on a mission to overthrow the corrupt mega-corporation Nero.

Nero is responsible for blocking out the starlight from the people living on the planet Shahar. Nero sucks the raw energy out of the star Sirius Majoris then sells the people of Shahar the energy they need to survive the ice age that has engulfed their world.

Their first mission is to bring down one of the colossal power generators along the rim of the Nero Prime space station. Hopefully the youTube video will help to set the scene.


Void started out as a concept for a video game. I have pitched the game to a handful of publishers without much luck so thought I would give this a try to keep the project alive.

I am looking to develop the story and characters utilising a play by email format. I have a set of characters already made but I'm happy for people to come up with their own character concepts if they like.

My intention is still to release a video game but with a script which has evolved from this version of the game.

The game will be free to begin with but if there is a lot of interest I may charge a small amount later on. It won't be much, say about $5 a week.

Game Format:

During the week emails will be just one a day or so and deal primarily with downtime and preparations.

On the weekends however I will run a combat scenario using the free whiteboard software Gametable.

Thanks for reading this far!

Casimir Windsor Totally Random


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