Legion - Rise of the Metahuman

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Costs: Free
Frequency: 3-5 per week
Email: sharlene79@mindspring.com [ok]
URL: https://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/LROM/info
Type: Superhero pbem
Last-Update: 2009Sep13
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, space, modern, rpg, abstract


Inspired largely by the recent GI Joe movie, this game will incorporate the technology presented in that setting along with aspects of SHIELD into an agency called Legion. The timescale will be set to about five years later in the year 2038. VIPER has risen as a highly dangerous enemy and organization. They are not, however alone. Other villain organizations are also rising covertly and are very likely to cross paths. What will happen when they do is anyone's guess.

The worst fear of any military unit such as Legion has finally been realized. It has become apparent that VIPER has begun scouring the planet for new talent - of the metahuman variety. In response, Legion was forced to do the same. Most of the young men and women will have had latent abilities waiting to be harnessed, or be new to their powers. A few may have been a bit delinquent. They will NOT field any juveniles into combat scenarios. But service may be a way for a meta that started out on the shaky side of the law.

The Legion Metahuman Project began about three years ago. PLEASE bear in mind that this organization is still trying to remain below the radar. That means all fielded PC's should at least look human most of the time or be able to disguise it. (The mystic group can help here.) They don't want the Press to get wind of a bunch of inhuman superbeings. The occasional tabloid article can't be helped. All metahumans will be assigned codenames. If you don't come up with one, I will.

There is also one other "metahuman" project of mystical design that may supply assistance to Legion. They train mystics, and provide shelter to mystical creatures. It is possible to be sent to Legion from them.

Access to Legion HQ is very unlikely. Rather a separate base, training facilities and support staff will be assigned. In short much depends on your security clearance. All PC's will be screened by Legion psychologists.

Please apply to the website and check out the Files section before developing a character.


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