New Horizons

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Type: Science Fiction
Last-Update: 2009Sep12
Keywords: free, open-ended, human, space, email



It is the present day. Campbell Space Industries, Inc., a family-owned aerospace company in Boise, Idaho, has manufactured a new propulsion system that can take both robotic probes and humans into space at very low cost and they are preparing to take a bold step: build more space stations and space colonies and return mankind to the Moon, where the company will build bases and lunar colonies. Everything is ready. Money. Materials. Everything

From there CSII plans to go to Mars to build bases and colonies there and then colonize the solar system. And after that, go to the stars. Jason Campbell believes it is imperative that humanity expands beyond Earth or face certain extinction. He also believes that the task can be accomplished without government involvement and invites ordinary people to take part.

Dark forces intend to stop the project by any means necessary and will be a threat to these new pioneers and their descendants.

But CSII won't be stopped. CSII has hired an elite security force equipped with the latest weapons and equipment. CSII is also building SETI telescopes to locate alien civilizations

"New Horizons" tells the story of the Campbell family, the first inhabitants of the space colonies, the Moon, and Mars, and their descendants as they leave Earth behind and take a journey that will take them to the stars....and guarantee the survival of mankind, take the pressure off of Earth, help us to learn more about ourselves and our place in an endless universe, possibly bring us into contact with alien life, bring us together as one family of man, and take our evolution to the next step.

But the journey won't be easy. As mentioned, dark forces will do everything they can to stop this journey and there will be danger. But the journey will continue. But don't think Earth will be forgotten. Our planet will still be inhabited and its problems will be solved, and our planet will be the center of what will become an interstellar human civilization. And aliens may be watching us, waiting to make contact.

The Future Has Begun. The Future Is Now. The Journey to the Stars Is Ready To Be Taken. The Unknown Awaits. Neil Armstrong Took That First Step. The Next Step Will Be Taken By Us!

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