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Costs: Free
Frequency: -
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Type: RPG PBP Sci-Fi Collaborative Story
Last-Update: 2009Sep09
Keywords: free, closed-ended, www, human, space, rpg


ES-02 is a space station in orbit around Earth. It is a central political, social and commercial hub for the solar system.

The current year is 2348 and first contact with an alien species has been made in the year 2121. The contact comes in the form of representative AIs that have travelled from the Gliese star system. Contact is a slow process with negotiations about how species to species contact will be organised. There are often tens of years when there is no contact at all.

On earth genetics has given the rise to a number of human subspecies: 'super brights', 'perfects', 'spacers', 'aquatics', 'animal mods', 'freaks' etc. These gather together in large communities and are often how the colonies throughout the solar system are characterised.Alongside this the AIs are becoming an ever increasing presence.

Now as contact increases and the focus of the solar system falls on ES-02 the corporate vultures circle. Anything can happen.

This is a Play By Post Forum RPG. It is free form story telling rather than dice rolling. there will be three major storyline running over the 2009-2010 period. Alongside that I would like to develop the background history and politics to the storyline on the forum.

What I would say come and have a look. I intend it to be fun and constructive. I personally role-played for twelve years when I was younger so have the experience to runt he games to a conclusion.


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