Pandora's Box, SI

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Frequency: no limit, as many as the players/writers wish and agree to
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Type: Star Trek PBEM RPG
Last-Update: 2009Aug09
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, startrek, rpg


"Pandora's Box, SI" is a Star Trek PBEM played on Yahoo Groups.

The year is 2383. The situation for the Federation and galaxy is very grave. A group who calls themselves, 'Nirvannah', has gotten control of key elements of Romulan and Cardassian Empires and may already have taken control of these governments. The Cardassian Empire has secretly rebuilt its military and PsyOps infrastructure They are both poised for war and formidable in their own right.

Various Federation movements, governments and the UFP itself have also been infiltrated by followers. The control over people and governments are done so in a variety of ways and methods of methods including telepathic mind control of their victims and kidnappings. Reports infer that some of the former disciples of Sybok of Vulcan may be involved or that the faction has mastered his techniques.

Starfleet Intelligence suspects that Nirvannah may be ultimately answering to some yet undiscovered race that has the resources necessary and the desire to pit the different governments in our galaxy against each other.

Pandora's Box, SI's latest experimental vessel, is tasked with a number of specific objectives and targets with respect to removing these threats and bringing down Nirvannah.

Pandora is part of Shadow Operations. This is where Special, Psychological, Temporal and other Operations converge. If we do our jobs right no one knows we were there and there will be no record of our intervention in the history books for anything past, present, or future.

There are many senior billets open at present for our new game. This includes: Chief Engineering Officer, Chief Security Officer, Medical Officers and more.

Our Star Trek group's game averages about eight replies between players a day.

The GM has over ten years of experience running games and making stories and plots to challenge veteran role players. Beginners are welcomed as well.

Hero parts are rotated through out departments and PCs. Everyone has a chance to develop with the GM, special stories and situations for their characters.

Pandora's Box, is a last hope for some and the end of the line for others as we bring down some of the most notorious individuals and groups posing a threat to Starfleet and peace in the galaxy.


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