The Matrix - Omega Chronicles

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Frequency: Every 2-3 Days
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Sci-Fi
Last-Update: 2009Jul31
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


We, all of us have plucked from our own world of comfort and dreams. We live in it, some of us forced to that life, and others blissful in the ignorance that is a world of make believe. You have made the first step to see past the veil that separates the dreams from reality. But the truth that I offer you, you might not be ready to accept. I offer you the truth in all of its unfeeling horror, in all of its uncaring light. But as is said, long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads up to the light. The path I offer is not easy to take, but the path will always be the truth. I will ask you to throw away the crutches that you have made for yourself, and walk on your own power. The choice is yours. The Light awaits if you wish to take the first step.

Welcome to The Matrix - Omega Chronicles. Some operatives are needed to man a hovercraft on this ground floor opportunity. Limited acceptance at the beginning but will grow in the future. The story will be starting from shortly after the end of the last movie and we will blaze new ground from there. A bit more info can be found on the website, but it is heavily under construction right now. Hope to see you all soon.


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