Apocalypse: Earth

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Costs: free to download & play
Frequency: n/a
Email: info@apocalypse-earth.co.uk
URL: http://www.apocalypse-earth.co.uk [ dead link ]
Type: alternate history ww2/contemporary with "weird science" aspects
Last-Update: 2009Jul30
Keywords: free, open-ended, modern, human, email


Apocalypse is a miniatures based tabletop wargame set in a dark alternate timeline where history has taken a bleak turn and an infinitely more devastating Second World War has unleashed destruction and torment on mankind.. The world is riven by warfare and horrific new technologies are deployed as battles rage unceasingly around the globe.

The rules can be applied to battles involving squad, platoon and company sized units, and can be extended to cover battalion and even brigade group combat given enough time, space and participants.. All the ranges and movement ratings are currently calculated for 20mm scale figures- all the Airfix figures currently gathering dust in the loft can therefore be put to good use, and no need to go and lash out on some expensive scenario - specific figures and vehicles (hopefully that will come later...). All you need are the troops and vehicles,a surface to play on, a few boxes to represent scenery and a handful of standard six sided dice, and you`re away.

As things stand, what is presented here is the basic "beta test" (although still copyright) version- what we`re hoping is that enough interest and feedback can be generated to let us create a real, viable, commercial product.

In the meantime, download the rules and army lists (basic at the moment, but keep coming back for updates) and have fun! Just don`t forget about us, and let us know your feelings.



The threads that weave history are fragile indeed. Who knows what effects the smallest, most seemingly inconsequential decisions can have on the future? Just imagine if events had turned out even slightly differently........

We are in the later part of the twentieth century. At its finest hour, humanity has turned in upon itself. Now, the Western Alliance fights a dogged and determined war of survival against the Holy Army of Tsar Joseph Djugashvili and his Soviet Empire, who in their turn attempt to turn back the numberless Asiatic hordes of Communist China and her Federation allies. Meanwhile, as the world economy collapses, jihad fundamentalism takes hold of the Islamic Middle Eastern nations calling for a crusade against the infidel. Even those not resident on the planet find themselves forced to take up arms, as renegade billionaire and cult leader Yogi Raeshnau and his lunar colonists join the fight to ensure the flow of materials and supplies to keep their colony alive.

Most sinister of all, with the world in chaos, the forces of anarchy and revolution coalesce into a loose alliance of terrorists, assassins, criminals and fanatics known only as "The Brotherhood".

Humanity's golden age has turned into a nightmare. Now, the destiny if the entire human race hangs in the balance.


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