USS Nautilus

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The year is 2161, a year after the founding of the United Federation of Planets. The Earth-Romulan War is over. The Enterprise has been decommissioned and its historical missions are over. Starfleet has a new mission: defending the fledgling Federation. With a bitter history of conflicts amongst its members troubling the new-found peace, the values and freedoms of the newly formed United Federation of Planets are still being created and tested.

Taking its first tentative steps into this new era, Starfleet has been tasked with exploration of the Federation's farthest borders. Starfleet patrols the borders of the Federation with the intent to make first contact with any unknown species while still being wary of being entangled in another incident that could spark yet another war with an unknown species. Far from Command, Starfleet vessels will represent the Federation with the cultures they encounter.

The Nautilus is a ship of the line. Designed during the height of the War, the Nautilus is a Yorktown-class starship. She uses her capabilities to protect the Federation and expand its knowledge of the universe. The Nautilus has the latest warp, tactical and scientific technology.

Have you ever wonder what shaped the Federation and the known universe? What happened before the adventures of Pike or Kirk? Who did these famous Captains look up to? There is a lot of history to be made. It's a hundred years before the legendary voyages of Kirk and his crew. The Nautilus is about to embark on her first mission. What is out there? We invite you to explore new worlds and new Civilizations.

There are still key positions open. We are looking for anyone interested in writing and developing characters. Past role playing experience is not required and neither is a deep knowledge of Star Trek. Come with an open mind and a love for literature and we will welcome you with open arms. The Nautilus is a Star Trek based role-playing game using the play-by-SMS. This is an 18+ simm due to the nature of the storyline and content of the posts.

The Nautilus is a member of Exodus Fleet's Taskforce 2.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions at all, please contact be by email me,

Our website is located at:

Taskforce 2 website is located at:

Currently Open Positions

Chief Helm Officer Chief Armory Officer Marine CO Chef Plus many others in each department.


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