Battlestar Hercules

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Costs: Free
Frequency: One Per Week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Space Opera
Last-Update: 2009Jul24
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, space, rpg


Battlestar Hercules is a re-imagining of the recently popular, four-season running, series Battlestar Galactica. Although BSH will pick up on many of the stylized images and issues which were used in BSG, Battlestar Hercules is a story all it's own. We will tell the story of the Twelve Colonies as if our ship and timeline were set in an alternate universe. All the planets which make up the 12 Colonies are the same, as is the Colonial Military Fleet, and the ships which have survived the Cylons nuclear holocaust. The only difference is; the Galactica did not survive the blasts, but the Hercules did. We really don't know who else has survived, as we were forced to gather as many survivors as we could, as many civilian ships as we could, and spool up our FTL's and jump. The rest of the story is up to us. Are you intrigued? Join humanities last chance at survival. There are many positions open on BSH, and many open throughout the Fleet, as a Civilian, Journalst, member of the Quorum, or even the President! Join Battlestar Hercules today!

Over 150,000 years ago the Human race flourished on another planet similar to Earth. They advanced in genetic engineering and created artificial intelligence, which they placed in robotic lifeforms, to help service them in every way. The robots were too perfect. They realized they were enslaved and rebelled against their creators, and all of mankind on Earth. Before that, humanity leapt into the stars, with their FTL drives, and colonized 12 planets, including Caprica. Thousands of years after the Colonization, the robotic lifeforms, which they had named Cylons, destroyed all humanity on Earth, then built ships to seek out the other 12 human Colonies. This was the Cylon War. It lasted a long time, many were killed on both sides, and finally a peace-treaty was signed. A representative from the Colonies and a representative from the Cylons met on a neutral base every year after that to re-sign the Peace Treaty, then suddenly it stopped. They Cylons disappeared for 40 years. Humanity thought the Cylons gave up and let them be. Horrifically, though, they came back. A beautiful blonde haired, human-looking female, Cylon came to the peace-ship and told the Colonial Representative that humanity is at it's end. Shortly after, a massive fleet of Cylon ships gathered over each Colony planet and launched nuclear weapons, killing nearly every living human being. They destroyed most of the Colonial Military Fleet as well, and most of the Colonial Civilian Merchant Fleet. There were survivors, 54,000, of them, including the Battlestar Hercules, the Presidents Ship (The Colonial One), and more than 2 dozen merchant and mining ships. They set out to escape the Cylons and find a new home.


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