The Spiders Web

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Costs: free
Frequency: 3-5 a week
Type: AD&D 3.5 ed
Last-Update: 2009Jul07
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, computer, fantasy, rpg


The Caves of northwestern Gernada have been awakend by an evil Art, the arachnids are starting to spread throughout the continents caverns and underground cities. The Dwarves and Drow alike have fought the spiders for decades, and now with renewd strength the spiders have started to come to the surface. Do you have what it takes to aid the underdwellers and stop the arachnids war? Only time will tell..

This is just a Brief description of the game, But it is 3-3.5 ed (a hombrew mix of the two, very easy to grasp as long as you have one of the PHB's), Im looking for 3-8 players, as soon as I find 3 I'll start then add in other players as time goes on. Hopefully it will last a decent amount of time (years maybe), but that depends on the players. I've beem Dming for a while now and I like it alot. Some experience in playing D&D would help, but Im willing to teach new players. As far as anymore questions go, just email me, and I'll answer them (


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