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Welcome to Stonehythe, an original fantasy RPG set in the fictional world of Azzaria. It is a land divided by past events, it's history filled with conflict between the four races that call Azzaria it's home. That was until recently; one of the rulers has decided that peace is needed and has contacted the other races. Alliance through marriage and trade deals are now on the hands. This RPG tells the story of those who support the notion of peace, and those who oppose it...

Full Plot -

The four Races of Azzaria are:

The Imperials:

The Imperials believe in freedom of spirit, and follow no religion or belief system. To them, following one's desires and emotions is the most important thing in life. Their race specialises in magic and knowledge, and cherishes beauty. They have a formidable army which they consider superior to other races. There is a downside to all the freedom and following ones emotions; Imperials are quick to anger, holding grudges for long periods of time. They do not forget past wrongs done to their family line, which often turns Daeria into a political battleground. Treachery is normal, as are wagers and people going where the money is rather than doing the right thing.

The Celts:

The Celts are a simple folk, quite the opposite of their Imperial neighbours. Some are farmers and warriors by trade, only having knowledge of war and survival. The younger generations have become more diverse, but the elder Celts remain stuck in their ways. Celts are known for their stubbornness, which is probably why men and women are at equal standings in their society; neither would willingly back down! Despite being simple and less extravagant, they are intelligent and are loyal to the bone. They are firmly against magic, believing it to be unnatural for anyone other than the Gods to have such power. While the Celts do not worship nature as the Elves do, they are adept at surviving in the wilds and are not averse to working in all forms of weather.

The Elves:

Creatures of nature, the Elves believe in nature deities and elementals. They keep to themselves, living in the forest lands of Nu'ada, except when nature or their people are threatened by outsiders. They have no love for their neighbours the Imperials, who consider technology and construction to be more important than nature. They are a quiet people, and a little aloof as they consider themselves above the other races due to their communication with nature.

The Protectors:

The Protectors are a nomadic people, and are quite a mystery to the other Races. Their neighbouring Races, the Imperials and the Celts, only know the basics of Zazellian life. They are unaware of the true nature of the Protectors and the Council that rules the Protectors. The Protectors are an ancient Race, with the Council itself having existed for thousands of years.


The RPG will be played in a yahoo group, and players must be at least 16 years old in order to join the RPG. Stonehythe is considered to be an advanced RPG, which means detail, description and no one liners.

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