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Join: On the Raggedy Edge... (Firefly, Freeform)

Join Captain Malcolm Reynolds out amongst the black.

Are you passionate about a great story? Did you fall in love with Firefly? After the movie Serenity, were you still feeling that you couldn't get enough of Joss Whedon's series?

Well neither could we! So by popular demand, two GMs have teamed up to continue the adventures of Capatain Malcolm Reynolds and his Rag tag crew as they skip, elude, and try to keep alive while flying under the Alliance net and avoid the occassional Reavers!

As Malcolm would say, "So here is us, on the raggedy edge. Don't push me and I won't push you." This adventure joins the captain and Zoe his faithful friend just as they are attempting to get a crew and Serenity on her feet. The old Sergeant's got a plan to become a Captain (though he can't fly a ship) and keep us from getting confined under Alliance boots. There's too many purple-bellys on most of these rocks, and it seems the only place that's left out there is out amidst the Black.

If you've been itching for a better way of life than being a mudder, a farmer, or something worse, than this is your opportunity! From what I hear, Opportunity doesn't knock twice.

The Captain-sans-ship, and Zoe have submitted this wave to start getting the crew together. We'll be at the Dive and Survive bar on a little backwater spot on Persephone. If you're interested, come look us up, and we'll figure out if you're a good match to join us.


This game is rated Mature, and is a free-form, so you won't need the RPG.

While "On the Raggedy Edge..." doesn't require you to be intimate with all the details of the show and movie, it would strongly help you.

Because this isn't just a ship somewhere in Joss Whedon's universe, it means that you can actually play one of the characters from the show! Figure out who fits your personality, and who you think you can do justice to when you submit your RTJ.

With two dedicated Game Masters for the story, players can expect posts and responses at least daily. Because we are both interested in a high-quality game, and not just glorified chat-rooms, we only require that players commit to posting every other day, though more is always nice, and we hope that a good team environment will develop to keep the storylines moving forward.

The game has already been developed prior to this advertisement, and we are ready to begin. (At least we think we are, if a primary buffer panel or something similar falls off, we can't be held responsible). Our current plans have room to accept up to eight players in varying degrees. This is your chance to get in on NEW game, and weave your personality into a lasting campaign for the years to come!

At the time of this posting the following roles are needed: Inara (Companion) Kaylee (Mechanic) Shepard Book (Preacher, with hidden past)

Any established character that hasn't already been chosen is available. Additionally, as you can see by Melaine above, any new character can be conceived of! And we aren't limitting these things to just the original cast either. If we interview a better pilot (Players RTJ) before Wash shows up into the picture, well, guess who Captain Reynolds is picking for the crew! Think of the original cast of characters as suggestions, but don't feel restricted, it's a big Verse out there, with a lot of people, and endless possibilities.

If Jayne can be the Hero of Canton, than anything is possible!

We'll see you out amongst the Black!


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