Outlanders: Trials in the Deathlands

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Costs: Free
Email: sharlene79@mindspring.com [ok]
Frequency: 2-3 per week
Type: Science Fantasy, Horror, Post Holocaust
Last-Update: 2009Apr17
Keywords: email, human, fantasy, space, rpg, abstract, open-ended, free


Outlanders: Trials in the Deathlands is based very loosely on the concepts suggested by the books and audio-books by James Axler and Mark Ellis. The setting is the early 22nd century what was once the USA, now known as the Deathlands. It is a post apocalyptic setting which follows nuclear war, mutations, and the rise of immortal creatures of the not so friendly variety. Earth has descended to barbarism in which trade is based on barter. Check out the links at:




Now the non-human denizens will range from mutated animals to demons to immortal gods. Of course, the last is not one you are likely to have to face by force unless you get yourselves into a mess. Most of the deities are of the sort in early Neolithic history - i.e. pre-Christianity. Most regard humans as no more than pawns. And for them the Deathlands represent a new territory to control.

Characters should be submitted with a well written background. Skills DO matter. Be specific. If you like a 0-5 rating will work. 0 would be a couple lessons. 2 is a 4 year degree. 3 is a PhD. 5 would be a Noble Prize winner.

Players must also submit a writing sample. I expect decent spelling and grammar (or colloquial speech). And it should be written in 3rd person, past tense. The game is to be rated R, for graphic violence and adult situations. While cursing will be allowed, I am not looking for players to use this is an excuse to curse every other word. Nor is it a place to freak players out with sex scenes. But expect some Gorean scenes. If you aren't sure ... ask first.

No Lurkers. Non posting will be dealt with by being removed from the game. (If you know you are going to be away, just let folks know so the plot doesn't stall. I understand that work comes first, etc.) Run your own characters, not NPC's or other players. No one liner posting.


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