USS Obsidian

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Type: Star Trek PBeM RPG
Last-Update: 2009Mar31
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It was a quiet night on board the USS Obsidian, almost too quiet. Everyone that weren't on duty were either sleeping, on the holodeck or just lounging around. But in the captain's quarters, Captain G'Rok paced the floor in agitation. A strange sensation was flowing through his very being - a sense of doom. He muttered to himself, hit his badge and cleared his throat.

=/\=G'Rok to commander Fiorelli=/\=

=/\= Go ahead Captain.=/\=

=/\=Please report to my quarters=/\=

=/\= Erm...on my way sir=/\=

The captain returned to his pacing and his muttering until his door chimed. He stopped, took a moment to pull himself together before speaking.

"Enter," he called in a voice befitting of a captain.

The tall, long haired Commander walked through the door and instantly, G'Rok could see the confused concern that span the Italian man's face. "Have a seat, commander. There is something I wish to discuss with you."

"Thank you Captain," E.J Fiorelli replied taking his seat.

G'Rok walked to the window and folded his arms behind him. He stared out at the stars that blew by the ship looking like small lines that moved along with the Obsidian. There were things flowing just as fast within the Klingon's head but he was trying to find the most appropriate way to relate what he wanted to. He trusted E.J - with his life - but how much could he divulge?


"Fifteen years ago, I was no ordinary Starfleet officer," G'Rok began. "I was a bright young man - who wanted to get ahead, do big things, make Starfleet proud. With that said, they placed me in Intelligence." The older Klingon male walked from the window and sat down across from his XO who had become his friend.

"I know I should have told you about this before but - there was never a good time. But I digress. I've done things that I am not proud of, I've been places I never ever wanted to go to and I have made some enemies that will never go away until I report to StoVoKor and even then I know it would still not be over. There was a ship called the USS Magda. It was an experiment that entailed human, Borg and Cardassian technologies to make it work. I was the Chief engineering officer on board, one of the only few people who knew how the thing worked. We were sent to Regia Prime chasing after a rogue agent when things went horribly wrong. We were in orbit for a total of two days trying to decide what to do. Our captain was over zealous, moronic, a man without honour - he destroyed the village that the agent was suspected of being in. Needless to say someone in Starfleet leaked the roster of that ship and now one by one, all surviving members of the Dagda are disappearing or being killed."

He watched his XO as the man sat there silently, thoughtfully, "how did they kill these people?" E.J questioned.

"Photo Torpedo," G'Rok stood up and walked to the window.

"Why are you telling me this now?"

"Because I fear my time has come."

Captain G'Rok was correct. That same night a distress call came in from Regia Prime. The Obsidian raced to the rescue and during an away mission, he was killed. E.J Fiorelli was promoted to the commanding officer position. He accepted with one thing in mind - vengeance. With everything that happened a majority of the Crew was transferred elsewhere. There are only a handful of loyal old Obsidian crew remain. Now these crew, fight to solve the mystery of G'Rok's death and to carry out their duties as Starfleet officers.

Join us and make the experience richer, fuller! - please note this ship is NOT an intelligence ship.


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