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Type: Super Hero
Last-Update: 2009Mar11
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The year is 1999 and the world is changing.

President Bush was assassinated in 1989 by a still unknown sniper. President Quayle was unable to garner the support for a Gulf War quickly enough to eject the Iraqi forces from Kuwait. Iraq then captured the Hama oil fields from Saudi Arabia, gaining a virtual monopoly on regional oil production. Iraq remains at war with Saudi Arabia despite the intervention of America and its allies. Ba'ath party influence grows throughout the middle east.

The war in Saudi Arabia has triggered an economic crisis in the west. Unemployment in America currently grips 25% of the population. The former soviet union remains in shambles with little aid from its new allies in the west. Russia has agreed to sell nearly half of Siberia to China and has been recently accused of selling nuclear arms to the Ba'ath.

Currently, President Henry Allen is nearing the end of his first term in office. With the economy in its current state and an ongoing and seemingly impossible war in the middle east, the upcoming election is anyone's game. Riots have become commonplace and the police are cracking down hard. Organized crime and smuggling are becoming more of a problem with drugs and weapons flooding the streets. Much of America seems to be anticipating a war with the drug cartels in South and Central America.

Meanwhile, amazing stories from around the world have begun to take shape over the last decade. The 1996 summer olympics saw a Manx weightlifter clean and jerk 1,026.6 pounds and a korean sprinter run 200 meters in 12.1 seconds. Both were disqualified from the games on unproven allegations of steroid use. Stories from the battlefield tell of a soldier who can dodge bullets and one who can breathe fire. The world watched on as a Tibetian monk was televised melting stone into liquid using only his bare hands. Mindreaders, fortune tellers, even telekenitics perform on city streets for pocket change. Many dismiss these acts as stage magic. Most world leaders have not yet made public statements on the matter.

Join us in Eastward City, where superhumans are going after all they can get their hands on. Will you join them and take what you are owed, or will you stand against injustice and protect the city?


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