Star Trek: The New Frontiers

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Open
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Type: RPG
Last-Update: 2009Feb05
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Rating: MA RPG Name: Star Trek: The New Frontiers Date Created: Nov 19, 2002 Description:

It's the year 2401

For three years they have amazed us with their discoveries, and inspired us with their courage. Their ship has journeyed beyond imagination, her name quickly becoming legend. Her crew arguably the finest ever assembled. Join with them one more time as they journey from one end of the galaxy to the other. Lose yourself in their adventures, let them become your guides, your protectors, and your friends.

Captain Mackenzie Hunter of the USS Chimera leads an elite group in exploring the galaxy, and defending civilization as we know it..

If you feel you are looking for a place that focuses on putting together good stories, as well as having fun, and not dragging story lines out for months. Then Star Trek: The New Frontiers is the game for you! We will take both new players and seasoned players alike.

The year is 2401, the voyages of a New Generation will begin again


After a few years away to recharge, we're back and better then every. This game is restarting soon and the following positions are being sought

Open Positions

Chief Engineering Officer (Lt. Commander) Chief Security / Tactical Officer (Lieutenant) Chief Medical Officer (Open for negotiations) Operations Officer (Lieutenant) Ship's Counselor (Open for negotiations)


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