Star Frontiers: Mercenary

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Type: Science Fiction Roleplay
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After defeating the Sathar warfleet, the megacorporations began a series of overt armed conflicts with one another for economic dominance of the stellar frontier. Media portrayed the fighters as brash young gods warring across the galaxy in mighty engines of destruction for profit and ideology. Their stories were played out for the masses in romanticized holodramas. For many, it was a time of sacrifice, ruin, and loss. But for others it was a time of unprecedented opportunity...

Star Frontiers is an out of print science fiction roleplaying game published by TSR during the eighties. The rules are now available for free (and legal) download in .pdf file format.

Within the game panel on the left side of the screen, I provide links to the rulebook, character creation rules specific to this game, and a required character sheet, amongst other useful information that you should consider before applying. I fully expect to help players learn the rules.

Your character is a mercenary soldier operating under the auspices of MercCo and might be employed in a variety of short and long term contract missions. Several plotlines could develop (or not) based on what your characters accomplish and discover.

The game takes place in the default setting described within the rulebook. The Frontier Sector of space is home to rival mega corporations constantly at each other's throat and government agencies that are spread too thin to handle all the demands placed upon them. It's only loosely explored.

The DM needs at least 3 more players--no game system experience needed. Please visit the webpage today--deadline for joining is 12/12/2008!!!


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