Raising Cottonville, A Western

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Costs: Free!
Email: bobafett10@alltel.net
Frequency: Once a week
Type: Historical RPG/Wargame
Last-Update: 2008Dec07
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, historical, wargame, rpg


1871, Some Where in the Western Territories of America

A town is being born. Founded two years ago by John Cotton, the town has not grown to be particularly large. It has roughly 100 residents, and about 200 farmers live nearby. On the road leading east through Parker Pass is Fort Farsworth, a garrison of 50 or so soldiers, commanded by the comedable general Lucius D. Reed, a battle hardened civil war veteran who has seen the horrors of war fighting on the side of the Union. Yet things are not so good as you and a few friends ride into Cottonville. You find rebels and bandits abound in the area around it, and the township seems to be falling apart. Will you help piece it back together, or fight on the other side as a bandit? Or you could freewheel as a mercenary... it's entirely up to you in this entirely open ended game. It can turn into a large scale war game, a town sim or a shoot 'em up... The rules are based on Gary Gygax and Brian Blume's Boot Hill, published by TSR in 1975, but no knowledge of them is required. I will give you a crash course when you start. Besides, a great deal of them is devoted to miniature play... something we won't use. So, this is something of a home brew I guess, but I promise to keep things simple. So, if you like open ended games, or westerns, this is the place for you! As for its overall style... I think it's more in the spirit of Zane Grey or the classic western films than real life, but combat is very deadly here. One mistake, one bad idea, and you may not be forgiven...


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