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Last-Update: 2008Dec02
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Space. The final frontier. This is a far future. These are the adventures of Starfleet trying to bring peace to the peoples, explore unknown worlds and colonize space. The members of Starfleet scout parts of the universe, no man's eye has ever seen before.

Starfleet Germany (shortly SFG) is the German version of the American Star Trek Role Playing Game "Starfleet". Here, everybody can impersonate a Starfleet officer but also alien characters. The appearance of this character is only determined by the player himself. SFG is independent from missions and characters known from the TV series (i.e. TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOY). Actually, collisions are avoided whenever possible.

To boldly go where no man has gone before... These words, spoken more than 35 years ago, still fascinate people all over the world. The missions and adventures which can be experienced as a Starfleet officer are often breathtaking, thrilling and always full of surprises.

If you ever wanted to be part of a world where warp drives and transporters exist, where you can make first contact to absolutely unknown species, where you can participate in space combat, where you can heal bone fractures at the snip of your finger - join Starfleet ! SFG Structure

Starfleet Germany is a "Play by Email Role Playing Game" (shortly pbem-RPG). Between 8 and 11 characters are situated on a unit (either starship or space station) and play together. Imagine a "multiple author novel", everybody writing a part of a story, describing the actions of himself/herself and the other crew. You write a chapter and send it via email to a mailing list which forwards your mail to all your collegues and fellow officers. They will read your piece of literature and reply, evolving the plot. The Commanding Officer (CO) and the Executive Officer (XO) onboard a ship are responsible for the unit. They must invent mission orders and keep everything going.

The SFG has a command infrastructure with three layers: ship (lowest), department and "High Council" (highest). All five departments each have two representatives at the High Council. Fleet Command (FKOM) is responsible for mission order authorizations, staff transfers, mailing list alterations, etc.). Cadet Command (AKA) cares for new cadets (ie. new players) and their training. The Department of History (RKOM) provides a general encyclopedia of SFG-relevant persons, objects and places, provides ship specifications and technical databases. The Starfleet Intelligence (SFI) makes up own special plots (e.g. Starfleet Intelligence Agency plots, court martials and diplomacy). In democratical votings, the High Council makes decisions concerning the whole SFG, for example the introduction of a new RPG unit or the election of a new commanding officer (CO).


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