The Great Hall of Fantasy: Beyond the Threshold

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Costs: none
Frequency: about every two days
Email: [ok]
Type: email based Dungeons & Dragons
Last-Update: 2008Dec01
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


The door slides away with only the lightest sound of scraping stone. Revealed is a stairway leading down into darkness.

Shinning the lantern down the stairs shows a small chamber with a ceiling about 8' high. A shut stone double door is set in the wall of the chamber. The air has a stale smell as you descend the stairs and stand before the door. ---

I've based the game mechanics on 3.5 edition D&D. However, a player can include as much or as little game mechanics as desired. A general explanation usually works fine because I'll interpret it according to the game mechanics and provide the result.

During the game, I provide a description and then prompt the players for actions. After all players respond, telling what the characters will say and try to do in the game, I write again, explaining what happens for each player. Each player has 48 hours in which to respond or be skipped. I establish initiative order when necessary and prompt individual characters for actions. Sending die roll results is optional. When including these, players place the numbers in parentheses. For example, "I'll run up to the minotaur and attack with my broadsword"(20 attack, 8 damage).

If an action for a character is described and no die roll is sent, no problem, I'll just make the roll and explain what happens. This is so someone can respond even though they cannot get to their dice.

Character speech is indicated within quotations.

I suggest cutting and pasting the text from the emails into a word processing program for easier and continuous reading.


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