USS Achilles, Bravo Fleet

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Costs: Free
Frequency: "One per week"
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Star Trek RPG
Last-Update: 2008Nov17
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg


The era of Star Trek VI, Captain Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Checkov, Sulu, Ohura, and Scotty!!!

The year is 2294.

The Federation's Fourth Fleet, codenamed New Explorative Operations (NEO), is a Starfleet Fleet dedicated to explore and search the stars for new life and civilizations, as well as defend her borders from hostile enemies. The Federation has just entered its Golden Age, and new technology is beginning to spread throughout the fleet. More ships are being produced. More classes are being designed. This is becoming a new birth for Starfleet's exploration programs, and Starfleet is taking advantage of this and seeking out new life and new civilizations at an increased rate.

The USS Achilles is set in the TMP Era following Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and is proudly affiliated with Bravo Fleet's NEO.

Positions are open! Join Today!

Go to Youtube to check out our Recruitment Video. Type in Star Trek Achilles.


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