USS Salvation

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Costs: free !
Frequency: 1-2 per week
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Type: Star Trek RPG
Last-Update: 2008Oct24
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Title : If You Can't Stand the Heat Get Your ( Censored) Off the Salvation....

I mean it !


Haters, and Mary Sue's need not apply, and here are a few things to consider before investing your time:

The USS Salvation is an Intimidator, Super Destroyer Class Vessel assigned guard the gate to the Fleet's greatest adventure M-90 ( IGOR) , so crossing into the M-90 Gateway is possible. If you have an issue with IGOR, keep walking! The USS Salvation is not the sim for you.

The Intimidator is a "Super Destroyer " and is designed for one purpose: Combat. She packs a "Borg Blaster " internally mounted ventral phaser canon and is other wise very well armed. If Destroyer class vessels are a problem for you: Later! The USS Salvation is not for you.

The Salvation is being is not being patched to Explore the M-90 Galaxy (there are plenty of ships that are exploring, if exploring is what you want.). The Salvation is being sent in because there is a problem that needs experts in heavy combat and protection operations, so the USS Salvation is under the command of a Marine, (all other species and departments are accepted) but if Marines are a problem for you: Sayonara! The USS Salvation is not for you !

If however you are a person with an open mind, who would like to experience the drama of near death combat with a group of characters who will become closer with every mission, then I invite you to apply.


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