The Squared Circle Online

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Costs: Must Purchase the rule book: $12.99 in digital format (print versions available)
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Wrestling, browser based
Last-Update: 2008Oct06
Keywords: free-moderation, open-ended, www, human, modern, rpg, sports


The Squared Circle Online is a browser-based service that allows people who have purchased "The Squared Circle: Wrestling RPG" to play online against others.

The game operates in a play-by-post fashion on the game's forum. Character sheets and contract negotiations are handled through the browser interface.

Players may create as many wrestlers as they want and even create their own wrestling promotions to compete against others.

The rulebook is available for download in (pdf) format for $12.99, if you prefer to have a printed copy than there are two choices available: perfect bound paperback for $21.99 and Casewrap hardcover for $34.99

And now a little about the book:

Create a wrestler and lead them to the very pinnacle of the wrestling industry, winning titles and engaging in feuds along the way...will you become a legend? Or maybe running a wrestling promotion is more your style, create and run your own promotion and face off against your friends to see who has the skill to make it and who doesn't.


- Over 200 fully detailed moves to choose from

- 38 Match types to choose from

- Over 50 NPC wrestlers to use in your games

- Create your own wrestling storylines!

- Managers and Valets

- Two gameplay types; Wrestler Career and Promotion Manager

- 180 pages


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