Whisper Creek

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Costs: no cost
Frequency: every other day to once a week
Email: rppgm2003@hotmail.com [ok]
URL: http://www.brettwaters.com/whisper_creek.htm [ dead link ]
Type: modern day, adult, gay, straight and bisexual
Last-Update: 2008Aug05
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


****You must have a adult profile set at yahoo groups and be over the age of 18.****

Come to Whisper Creek or Taylor Mt. where you will find a town in upper Washington State in the USA. It's a small community yet mayhem and romance abound. And now a darkness has finally accepted it's realm in Whisper Creek. After fire destroys a neighboring town, the members of both towns find their local nemesis, Revenant Steele and his sidekick Tiffany, are going to find the link between science and medicine to create their own terror, that will change the small community forever.

This game does not allow any racism or prejudice since there are many gay and bi as well as straight relationships here.

**NOTE** If you want a character that is into S&M you will most likely be better off in another game as the few players in this one aren't into that kind of writing and have no desire to experience it. I find that it only ruins the atmosphere for everyone as it's not the fantasy most here want to escape to. Yet if you can find a partner who will write this type of fantasy with you then by all means feel free to.


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