Superior Supers

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Costs: free
Frequency: once per week
Type: super hero, adult themes, modern, Silver Age Sentinels, Tri Stat
Last-Update: 2008Jul06
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg


The year is 2010. It's the world as we know it. There are no super heroes, there is no super science, the corporations you know are the corporations in power. There are no aliens or mutants. Just your little, ordinary world.

Until something happens. For some reason some people suddenly acquire super powers. This is not something that is televised.

Players will be playing a newly empowered person who suddenly discovers that he or she can do things other people cannot. It is then up to the player to decide what they make of it.

The world is a highly flexible one. This means that characters can, by skillful use of their powers, acquire great fame, fortune or notoriety which can influence the development of the entire world.

Also, there are very few restrictions. If Hank the Adamantium Man wants to rob a bank then that is what he will do. If Peter The Puny wants to use his mind control powers to get all the girls in his high school to like him - there is nothing to stop him (except perhaps another player).

It is up to the players to decide whether they want to don tights and fight crime, or whether they want to join the shady world and reap their rewards.

Death is possible for NPCs, and throwing lightning bolts around can, and probably will, kill innocent bystanders, if characters are not careful.

The game will use Silver Age Sentinels, although ordinary Tri-Stat (it's free) will do just as fine.

Characters will be built on 150 points. They can be anyone the player wants to be prior to gaining powers. If you want to play the US President with Death Ray Vision - go ahead.

Needless to say, writing abilities are a must. That means third person, simple past, and posts that extend to more than a simple sentence. If you can't be bothered to write at least a paragraph or three don't bother at all.

Again, I must point out that this game will very probably be, at least partly, adult themed. If a character decides to kill all the bad guys in his city by ripping their spines out then this is what he will attempt. Having powers can be quite the power trip, and I am not going to prevent players from indulging their fantasies. So, death, drugs, sex, murder and even rape could occur. If you are of the faintedhearted this game might not be for you.

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