Wars of the Roses

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Costs: 8 GB pounds/turn
Frequency: one per two weeks
Email: agema@hotmail.co.uk [ok]
URL: http://www.agema.org.uk [ dead link ]
Type: historical wargame, power game
Last-Update: 2008Jun25
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, email, snail, mixed, historical, wargame, rpg


The Wars of the Roses is a game set in the XV century British Isles following England's defeat in the Hundreds Year War and starts just as Prince Edward is born. Players take the roles of leading English nobles, bishops and burghers, but can if they wish alternatively take part as Irish chieftains 'beyond the pale' (that is, outside of English control), or as Scottish lords under King James II.

The game features politics, warfare, mercenaries, intrigue, trade, diplomacy, and is thoroughly researched. The rulebook is really a manual covering everything from retinues, chivalry, building ships and arming troops and investing in castles to corporations, the Church, laws of attainder, corruption of the blood, the college of arms, laws of affinity, the court of abeyance, parliament, taxes, harvest and livestock, heresy, the chevance system, going into exile, and jousting tourneys! In other words it is a reference book for use during the game, but play centres on player enjoying the game and atmosphere rather than having to become rule lawyers!

This is the most developed game Agema has yet released in nineteen years of game design and boasts a detailed full colour map. An in-period newspaper is sent out with every game turn.


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