Star Trek: Top Gun U.S.S Odysse

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Costs: none
Frequency: every 2 days
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: rpg
Last-Update: 2008May27
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, startrek, rpg


Star Trek: Top Gun U.S.S Odysse A

In the yera 2375 Star fleet command has esteblished new elite Fighter squadron star fleet =/\=TOP GUN =/\=an elite force of marine pilots witch cann all most take on awry enemy they come across U.S.S Odysse A is the house of the squadron whit latest tehnologyes on board insstaled

Thanks to them and U.S.S Odssye A in>>

The Year 2382, Dominion pushed back into the Gamma Quadrant, and no sign of the Borg, the Federation has begun a new push of scientific exploration. The new Starship Odyssey has been chosen for a mission of exploring the uncharted solar systems on the brink of Federation space. No one knows what is to be found their, but if it is a life form, of scientific interest, or a threat the USS Odyssey will be the first to find out.

New Presentation of the squadron and star ship GALAXY Class U.S.S Odyssey A Mobile Out Post and Carrier Star Ship

Now current simm year is 2385

Few people can honestly say that they followed their destiny. Are you one of them? On the USS Odyssey, the adventure isn't just in space, but it's within you. The thrill of exploring worlds unknown, the excitement of encountering new races, the wisdom gained from many battles, and the sorrow of many lives lost. These and more await you.

The adventure of discovering what you have inside yourself begins with taking the reigns of your destiny and steering the way. No longer should you sit idly by and accept fate. It is time for you to step up and join a crew that will go into the unknown: your heart, your soul, the universe and beyond. Odyssey. Definition? An adventurous wandering. This is the mission of the USS Odyssey A . Exploration.

Star Trek: Odyssey is a free play by email role playing game based in the Star Trek Universe. The Odyssey has been in exsistance for nearly 10 years and now begins a new chapter of her exsistance as the Galaxy Class Starship USS Odyssey-A. Combining detailed characters, creative storylines, and an innovative posting style, the Odyssey provides a unique role playing experience.


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