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Frequency: All day, Everyday
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Type: Mixed Martial Arts
Last-Update: 2008Apr30
Keywords: open-ended, www, human, modern, rpg, sports, free


As the "owner" of Supreme FC, I would like to welcome you all to what should be a unique experience. Of my knowledge, this is the only e-fed that I know of that is based in MMA. Although there will be many similarities to what you would normally see in a wrestling based e-fed, there will be several modifications that have been put in place to give you the unique experience of being a part of an MMA organization. With that in mind, I would encourage you all to read over the rulebook before signing up.

One of these modifications will be the usage of the strategy form. This has been done in several of the wrestling based e-feds, however, it will play a more prominent role here in Supreme FC. For anyone that has watched MMA, just because you are the more talented fighter does not necessarily mean that you are going to come out the victor. Strategy and fighting styles play a huge part of that and that will be no different here in Supreme FC. Although RPs will be the major part of the decision making, these strategy forms will be just as important. We would hope that you fill these out for each match depending on your opponent.

After you check those both out, feel free to sign up for what should be a good time here in Supreme FC. As you look over the contract, you will notice that the application form is much different than what you would experience in a wrestling based e-fed. Please fill all of the application out, and be assured that not all the information in that you put in the application will be made available to the roster. They will be kept by me in order to help write more congruent matches to the styles of the fighters.

Again, I would love to see you all come here and give us a shot. I think this could be a fun experience. Have fun and can't wait to see what you all come up with.



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