USS Stonewall Jackson

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Costs: Free
Frequency: PBEM
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Type: Star Trek RPG
Last-Update: 2008Apr16
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We are SIMing in the year 2384, the Dominion war has been over for several years and the Nemesis incident has passed. Despite the peace that has finally come to the Federation, stresses still remain.

As the Federation rebuilds, there is a need for protection on the inside. Not for a while yet will Starfleet vessels explore space, instead they patrol the current borders and prevent another invasion into Federation Territory.

The Stonewall, a Akira-class, is built for war. The ideal mission of a ship of her class would be patrol or intelligence gathering, but instead, the Nimitz has been assigned a different task.

A sense of hopelessness and lack of trust in Starfleet's protection has found its way into the everyday citizen's mind. The USS Stonewall Jackson is a ship whose mission is to restore that lost confidence, to ensure that there will be a stronger Federation for the future. She is meant to inspire loyalty and trust in the citizen, to ensure that the people of the Federation can know that they are important and are being protected by the best Starfleet has to offer.

Due to the unique nature of the USS Stonewall Jackson's mission her conflicts do not take place in the unexplored areas of space, going where no one has gone before. Rather the Stonewall encounters adversity of a much more deadly nature. The crew of the USS Stonewall Jackson is responsible to ensure that the Federation stays intact, that the faith lost in past conflicts is regained.

The Stonewall will thwart the plots of politicians, of crime lords; it will fight rebels and traitors. The Stonewall will uncover the things about the Federation that have never been seen before. The crew fights a war, not against the Dominion, the Romulans, or the Borg, but against the injustice, crime, and lack of trust that have quietly found a place within the Federation.

Feel free to tour this site, access our resources and learn about the game. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Feel free to contact the Commanding Officer or the Executive Officer at any time. If you are interested in the mission the Stonewall engenders please fill out our application and join us in our mission. I look forward to meeting you.


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