CoC 5.6 Signum Crocinus and the Paintings of Francisco Goya

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Costs: Free
Frequency: 2-4 per week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Horror (Call of Cthulhu)
Last-Update: 2008Mar27
Keywords: free, closed-ended, www, human, modern, rpg


This is a Play-By-Post game hosted on Roleplay ( It is not a PBeM. We are currently looking for 2 additional players (the game has not yet started). The website listed has additional information about rules and myself. Below is the game's introduction:

Weeding through the mail that had only just recently arrived, you sort the items into piles of bills and junk. Among the usual pieces however is an unusually elegant envelope that challenges the monotonous routine you are so use to. Your focus and pattern ruined you decide to investigate the letter immediately rather than sort it and wait.

The envelope is addressed in fine penmanship from a Mr. Robert Sommer of New York City, New York. It is addressed to you in your own name and the back of the letter appears stamped with a family seal.

Opening the envelope you find a letter and a ticket inside. The letter reads:

Dear Reader,

My name is Robert Sommer. I am sure you are wondering more about who I am, why I am writing to you, and how I found you. There are plenty of details to discuss and I am hoping we have a chance to discuss them.

As for who I am, I think it could be fairly stated that I am a business man of sorts. Currently my enterprise is supported by a not-so-modest architectural firm. The profit from which I use to support a variety of hobbies of mine, one being the collection of rare items.

It seems you have struck upon some recent bad luck. I am sure that some extra work would do you and your pocket well. I am myself in need of help in acquiring a piece of artwork that has thus far alluded me. It is an important piece I need to find to finish a collection I have been acquiring over the past years and I believe your talents may be useful in helping me finally acquire the piece.

I would be happy to provide you more details and negotiate fair compensation for your assistance but only after we have the opportunity to meet. Enclosed is a plane ticket to New York. If you wish to hear my offer in detail, please phone my secretary at the number on the bottom of this letter, give her your name, and she will arrange for you to be picked up after arriving here.

There is no further obligation if you choose to accept my invitation to New York but prefer not to do business so I urge you to come see me so we can talk in person. I look forward to our meeting.

Sincerely, Robert Sommer.

The letter is signed quite elegantly by - you can only assume - Robert Sommer himself.

The offer is rather intriguing but only leaves you a week to prepare for the trip if you were to accept. Then again, someone who is willing to fly you to New York just to speak in person may be able to make a job such as this worth your while...


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