War Cry

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Costs: 25 cents per character per turn
Frequency: Once per week
Email: coldfire1977@yahoo.com
Type: Fantasy, Strategy, RPG
Last-Update: 2008Mar08
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


Welcome to game of War Cry, a fantasy rpg set in the world of Othlore. It is the combination between strategic combat and the freedom of open ended gameplay. It uses the familiar fantasy setting with a slight diference. Players get to choose from 5 unique races and 12 classes. If the 60 combinations is not enough, players are able to create their own. In fact, players are able to create just about anything in the game, from items to monsters to entire cities. Combat is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics mixed with the gambit system of Final Fantasy 12. Players can engage in player versus player combat with the option of death up to the players. Death is not optional in monster battles, however it is very rare that a player could die in such battles. When not in battle there are many tasks and quests to pursue. So many in fact, that players may want to avoid battle altogether. Fun things like gambling, relationships, jobs, and even farming. Want to get married and raise a family? It's possible with a little work of coarse. True love don't happen over night. Want to stalk the countryside as a vampire? Just get bitten by another vampire and you're on your way. It's all possible. The cost is only 25 cents a character per turn. The first 10 turns are free and rewards are offered throughout the game to players exceeding in many areas. Rewards like free turns and god like abilities for your character. It's all judged using the Gods of Judgement system where players and teams are ranked. Want to take over the world? Well, just gain favor with the Gods and you just may find yourself a self made king. The game is in it's early stages so it may be a month or so before it is totally up and running, until then all suggestions are welcome. Players are able to suggest ways to make the game better after it starts and do have the power to change things. You are after all, a paying customer. Why not pay to play something you enjoy? Well, if you feel this is a game for you, please email me at coldfire1977@yahoo.com and I will send more information with you. Until then, I'll be looking forward to your emails.

Jeff Spencer


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