Astate Colony - Where Worlds Collide

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Costs: none
Frequency: once per week
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Type: Star Trek Colony
Last-Update: 2008Jan16
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Astate Colony is a PBEM Simulation in UCIP's Beta Fleet. The game's premise is a planet located in the neutral zone that is jointly controlled by the Romulan Star Empire and United Federation of Planets called Astate Colony. Currently the planet is under the supervision of Romulan Wing Commander Shiarrael t'Rehu and Federation Admiral Jolias Enor.

The History of Astate:

The planet known as M113 would be colonized in 2270 by 5,000 people. The settlers would rename the planet "Astate" after their leader Marcus Astate. Astate would begin to thrive after a rough start but then it mysteriously vanished in 2278. The USS Bismarck which was sent to investigate the disappearance could not find any trace of the colonist or what might have happened to them. All remaining records on the planet indicated everything was proceeding normally before they disappeared. USS Bismarck

The Bismarck would end its investigation by suggesting that perhaps the Romulans had raided the colony and either killed the colonist or kidnapped them for research purposes. Whatever the cause of the disappearance the colony would remain unsettled for over a century.

In 2376 about 10,000 Romulans led by former Romulan Commander Tepek tr'Sirol settled on Astate and named the planet "Ahuian". Their main goal was to create a sphere of influence outside of the clan and house based political hierarchy of the home worlds. Though they never severed ties with the empire they operated autonomously until recently.

A month after they settled the colony was nearly wiped out by a plague. After surviving the first three months of hardship the remaining Romulan settlers established the city now known as Veh'Seril.

Four years prior to the Romulan colonizing of Astate a young man and descendent of Marcus Astate began collecting funds for a new expedition to the planet. When he and his supporters learned that the Romulans had begun colonizing the planet they sped up their plans. Receiving the permission for a colonial expedition, Edward Astate would lead 13,000 people to Astate and colonize the Naiad continent in 2377.

In 2382 Edward Astate would hire Klingons to hunt down and reduce the Kadul (predatory animal) populations near a new settlement named Pyrrha. The Klingons found the planet so much to their liking they would bring their families and settle a little south of Pyrrha near the Graithong Island continent.

For decades both the Romulan settlers and the Federation colonist ignored each other. It was only when both began expanding that problems arose. The main issue centered over the northern continent of Vaena which both groups attempted to settle. Small skirmishes between Romulan and Federation settlements became regular. It was only when the conflict expanded to space vessels that it became a concern for both the Federation and Star Empires.

With the conflict threatening to spill out to other planets within the neutral zone the Federation and Romulans held a secret meeting on Alpha Eridani where they drew up plans to jointly monitor the planet and keep the locals from creating a headache in the neutral zone. With the plans drawn up in late 2406 both sides began construction of facilities on the planet. The arrival of the full presence from both governments would occur in late 2407. Ancient Ruins

Aside from the recent conflict on the planet several ruins indicate that there may have once been a sentient species that inhabited Astate. Though not much research has been done the Romulans have discovered several old ruins in the lower portions the Veh'Seril jungle. Some small ruins have also been discovered near Pyrrha. The Romulans have nicknamed them the "Aehallh" or nightmare after stories of strange disappearances.


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